Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How the Book Buying Other Half Live

Something dreadful happened on the way to the ferry port on Friday morning.  I realised that I'd left the bag with books in for the holiday on the upstairs landing.  Aaaargh! Now it is an absolute impossibility for either me or Louis to live without reading material when we go away and there was nothing for it but to stump up the cash and buy a pile  from the rather good selection in the gift shop.

But my eyes watered at the till.  Forty odd quid for five paperbacks.  Yikes! I paid up and in doing so broke one of my 2014 spending rules.  I know other bookworms out there will take pity and see I had no choice.

It occurred to me though, that its been a long time that I've paid the full price for a book.  True there are some that I buy such as ones for crafting, cooking and work that aren't particularly cheap but I nearly always get them secondhand on Amazon Marketplace.  There must be super rich people out there though buying all those new books in the first place for me to snap up in a charity shop or the stall downstairs at the hospital where I work.  Have they got money to burn?


  1. My Mum mostly buys new books, passes them on to me, and then they go to the charity shop. She has a voracious appetite for books, only reads one genre, and so has read most of what is out there - when she sees something she hasn't read she snaps it up, and that means they're mostly brand new. I never buy brand new books - I use the library, buy second-hand or get them from my Mum. She has a much larger disposable income than me, and that makes a huge difference to our buying habits!

  2. Cripes, eight squids for a book? Criminal. I usually buy from Abe Bookds, do deliver charge and books start from about £2.50.

    But I do understand that you could not have been comfortable without books.