Sunday, 4 May 2014

I Challenge You.... a recycling duel!  The Guardian's Live Better challenge  this month, from which this infographic was taken, sets the task of reducing and recycling everything possible over a week. There's lots of ideas on the site. It's one that I think I'm going to start after green bin day on Thursday.  Now if you asked me how good that I was at managing waste at the moment I'd tell you that I do pretty well. Most of the time my black bin, which is collected fortnightly, is less than 50% full. Pretty good huh?  But there's room for improvement.   Remembering to recycle batteries or, even better, stocking up on rechargeable ones, buying veg from places where it is not packaged to the hilt in plastics and remembering my lovely string bags every time that I shop would be a start.  What to you need to do to get better at this?

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