Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lashy Update

Photo:  Donareisskoffer
'I know why she's posted a picture of a relative of Rod Hull's best mate.' some of you out there may be thinking. 'That's because that bloody expensive stuff which was meant to make her eyelashes look like those of a Jersey cow is a complete con !' Notice the rather fine barbless vestigial feathers that are just like hair directly about the eyes of another well endowed creature, this, the scariest of birdies.  You may have concluded that I'm drawing attention to these to steer the focus away from my pricey experiment that's been an abject failure.

But ha! you'd be wrong.  I'm sticking my thumb on my nose and waggling my fingers in a defiant gesture! After a month I've really and truly spotted discernible growth.  Honest!  The nubby problems is that it's just not a a level that anyone else would notice or that I could demonstrate by taking a photo.  There's no chance that I'm soon going to be mistaken for Liz Taylor, who due to a genetic mutation, had a double row of lush eyelashes framing her pretty peepers. No-one has yet said 'Wow Joo!  Whatever you've done to your eyes is bleedin' amazing!'  People are too preoccupied with whatever's going on in their own lives to notice and indeed I'll concede that there are more important fish to fry.

I could carry on and buy more of the gloopy stuff after my initial phial has  run out.  Perhaps a bit of persistence and investment might mean that others might spot the difference and eventually pander a bit to my vanity.  But do you know what? I can't be arsed.  Maybe I'm thinking that there are more meaningful things in life to spend £22 on!

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