Friday, 30 May 2014

Little Man Down

Ah  karaoke!  It's something that I will only be doing on holiday and won't be making a regular part of my routine.  Last year's debut was that proud gay anthem 'YMCA', a duet with Louis where I pretended that I was the cowboy in the Village People.  I followed it with  a dreadfully executed solo version of 'Say a Little Prayer'.  Aretha, I ain't!  This year's attempt was a little more successful.  One of the kids actually congratulated me for my rendition of Passenger's 'Let Her Go'.
Yesterday there was another session of this strange Japanese pastime scheduled and I spent the day contemplating whether I should be Adele, Michael Stipe or perhaps even Lana Del Ray when my turn came.  Still starstruck from his gang show experience Louis had already decided that he would do about eight songs. But it wasn't to be.  Whilst lounging with a book and cuppa outside the van, one of the gang of little boys that my son spends his days with came running up.  'Louis fell off his bike and hurt his knee.  It's really bad!'

No exaggeration, it wasn't good.  Deep gashes, lots of blood and little stones embedded in the cuts, the inevitable consequence of small boy hitting unsurfaced road after trying to corner too quickly.  So sadly no karaoke for us but a trip to a French hospital instead until after midnight for x-rays to check no bones were broken, a thorough gas and air assisted wound cleaning session  during which Louis hallucinated that he was in a video game, bandaging and a tetanus injection.  I expect in a week it will all be fine with only a kiddie battle scar left as evidence.  They're pretty much inevitable unless wrapping in cotton wool literally happens.  Mine was acquired from cracking my head open by falling down the back steps at our childhood home.

I was accompanied by one of the other parents who offered a lift in his car.  It was a relief as I didn't fancy circling  a large unknown town in a motorhome  looking for the medical facility.  'I hope someone would do the same for us if we needed it' explained Adrian when I said that staying was really beyond the call of duty and we'd get a taxi back to the campsite.   I hadn't expected to write about kindness again quite so quickly.

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  1. Hope it hasn't curtailed Louis' activities too much at the end of your holiday. There are some very nice people around aren't there?