Saturday, 17 May 2014

Not Broken Forever

I travel home from my London trip today where I've   made memories and taken photos. Here I've created my perfect balance of being alone in a crowd, free to do and think what I will and spending time with some of the friends and family who mean so much to me.  Once I've gathered my thoughts I''ll share more.

Today though I thought I'd share this image recently posted on Facebook, a representation of the hurt that many must feel.  It's so, so sad. The good news is that the damage can be repaired!  I''ll try to show you what I mean.

I've had a little trawl around the Internet and found this lovely mosaic by Anna Tilson.  It's just what I need.  Broken pieces don't have to stay fragmented.  They can be put back together in a different way and transformed into something just as beautiful and undoubtedly more resistant to future damage. It sends a powerful message to the people who had a part to play in causing the original damage too! Granted, the fix may not be easy but it really is a case of finding the right metaphorical grout that does the trick.


  1. I had this come up on my FB page today. One that stops and makes you think. The broken times are hard but having survived my own personal share of knocks [haven't we all!] with the wonderful benefit of hindsight it's also those dark times
    that make me grow. I read on a forum
    once "it's that smooth that makes us slip and the rough that makes us grip"