Saturday, 24 May 2014

One Parent: Will Travel

Howdy there!  Just to check that my post op driving activity is well and truly reinstated I've taken the motorhome out for a spin and Louis and I have ended up in France earlier than most families as there was a non teaching day yesterday.  Yay!  Being an occupational therapist, I know all about activity being at the appropriate level for the person concerned.  Bearing that in mind we're not  on some massive road trip, like last year's journey between Santander and Roscoff.   I don't think my knee would like hour after hour of relentless driving yet. I also fancy catching up with friends in the USA next year so I've been tightening the belt as regards holiday spending in 2014. That doesn't mean I've forgoing any trips away.  My wanderlust is way too strong for that. It just means I'm having to be a little more creative with those pennies.

We're back at Perros Guirec with all its wonderful pink granite rock formations at the all singing and dancing campsite we visited last year.  Le Ranolien, a Yelloh Village resort comes entirely recommended if you have kids.  It's  just an hour or so from Roscoff ferry port so takes less than half a tank of expensive diesel to get there and back.  Here we'll stay for an entire week using our feet, cycles and possibly the odd bus to get around.  How blooming sensible is that?

I feel a thrifty tip coming on that I think I've mentioned before but it's so good that it's worth reiterating.  This holiday isn't costing me a small fortune and it's down to the differences between French and UK school holidays.  Our continental cousins don't have a Whitsun break so prices are set at  low season rates.  My hedged pitch on a site in a prime location next to the sea has electric hook up and its own water supply.  The total cost is just 150 Euros for eight nights. That includes entertainment, super duper swimming pools and a free kids club, a real bargain when you compare it to similar UK sites.   Savings can  be had at the end of August when French kids are back at school. I also shave pounds and pounds off my costs by choosing my ferry crossings carefully.  Even at peak times some sailings are cheaper than others.

Of course if I were a shy and retiring wallflower, something that I've never personally been described as, being a single parent on holiday could be a bit lonely.  Thankfully, I've found the experience to be entirely the reverse. If I want some grown up interaction I do have to be proactive though. So last night, I went on over to the bar with Louis for casino night, brushed up my language skills playing Blackjack with a bunch of French people and then sat at the bar chatting  to reps who manage chalets here about their nomadic lifestyles.  I recognised one from last year as her office was behind our van so re-acquainted myself, struck up conversation and got talking to a whole bunch of other people that she introduced me too. Ch ching, talk with adults! Louis will no doubt make more friends once  British and Irish people arrive for their half term break tomorrow, It will be a very unusual holiday if I don't end up drinking wine at another parent's pitch and reciprocating the invitation.  Conversation with other mums often involves moans about the husband they've brought with them so maybe my deal isn't too bad after all!

I'm hoping that this post might be the inspiration for another Mum or Dad to take children away without another adult for moral support.  It doesn't have to break the bank or be a solitary experience.  Go on!  There's a big wide world out there waiting for you and your kids to explore it!

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  1. Glad you've arrived safely and that the knee's fine. It sounds like you're having a fabulous time already!