Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sea, Sand and Litter Picking

Sunday was too beautiful to spend the whole day studying.  I am a woman who likes to achieve balance in her life after all.  All work, no play, Lovelygrey a dull girlie and all that!   So, I grabbed my breakfast, leapt in the car and headed off  to find somewhere pretty to eat it.  I ended up at Dawlish Warren beach.  Beautiful isn't it? It's so much nicer than the impression that you get when you arrive there.  Those 20th century developers had a field day and built a nasty collection of buildings and a funfair.  I'd knock it down tomorrow but don't own a whole heap of demolition gear.  All is not lost though.  If you head off to the left a quiet beach and nature reserve awaits. It's bliss.

Here's a picture to warm the cockles of a few of the hearts out there. I think that I found proof that some children still enjoy playing in old fashioned ways. There is hope that they might not all be spending their entire time with eyes glued to electronic gadgets.  Not that it would be a very good idea on a beach. Sand, water and a Nintendo 3DS really aren't a good mix.

Although I've done my fair share of dabbling with sand sculpture it isn't my favourite seaside activity.  That accolade has to go to beachcombing.  I love it, love it, love it.  There's nothing more pleasing than meandering along, humming to myself and finding treasure washed up from the waves.  The problem is that I've got rather a lot of stones and shells at home already.  I'm fully aware that I haven't even started the sea glass project that I thought I'd complete whilst off work.  Exercise though has taken precedence.  I will get there though I promise.

Only one piece of pleasingly aqua blue sea glass and a shell with silvery innards made their way into my pocket.  I did pick up a whole string bag full of rubbish though and took it home to recycle.  Unfortunately I had to leave a fair few bagfuls behind on the beach.

Call me a weirdo but I get tremendous joy from litter picking too. I'll often return from a walk with a crisp packet or two stuffed in my pocket, pleased that a landscape is a little less spoiled.  I was on a roll here. This was quite a heavy bagful which all sorts of bits and bobs.

Cleaning up is given such low status in our society but there is dignity to be found in restoring beauty and making small amends for humankind's carelessness. What I'd like to suggest is that if everyone who gives a damn just picks up a few bits of rubbish each time they're out on a walk then maybe our combined effort might make a real difference.

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  1. What a lovely beach!
    I don't think I'll ever understand why people think it's acceptable to just dump their litter. Why on earth can't they find a bin or take it home with them?