Monday, 12 May 2014

Simples Saving

That spreadsheet that I prepared when deciding how to fund my latest car has been subject to a few amendments and my estimate increased by £19 per annum.  I think that I can live with that!  It's because lease car costs were slightly higher than first estimated as I added in the fancy pants Autoglym Lifeshine treatment that's supposed to keep the car cleaner inside and out.  We'll see whether that passes the test after a very grubby 11 year old boy puts it through its paces.  Insurance has come in cheaper than expected. and as I already have breakdown cover for the motorhome this can be taken out of the reckoning altogether. Whoopee!

I reckon that I might be able to recoup my overspend in quite a novel way.  Many of you will be aware that if you take out insurance through Compare the Market  you can 'adopt' your very own meerkat, currently the extraordinarily cute Oleg and with his own cocooned baby.  We already have the set as I bought contents insurance from the site back along.  Along with the dreaded clothie Lou likes to hold a small cuddly toy to help him sleep.  These do just the trick.  Anyway we don't need more of the same and I've noticed that mint condition Oleg in his box with his adoption certificate normally sell on Ebay for between £25-30.  A quick calculation in the head and I've realised that, after commission, my legitimate trade in baby meerkats will just about haul my estimated savings back to its original estimate.  Simples!


  1. That's a fab idea for offsetting the increase!

  2. You are too clever by half! Well done.