Monday, 19 May 2014


My skin  is usually trouble free and that's without adhering to any of that 'Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise' nonsense that beauty editors seem to think should be enshrined in the Ten Commandments. Perhaps it could replace coveting?  My own regime involves my face getting wet under the shower.  Then if it looks like it might be a hot day, I'll smear on some suntan lotion.  Sorted!

I don't think that I could be this lax if I lived in the Big Smoke.  Perhaps for those who live there  those stringent hygiene rules do apply after all.  For every time that I go to London my skin starts to get sore almost from the time when I hit the platform at Paddington station.  I'm certain it's down to air pollution as it's particularly bad on the Underground.  Call me paranoid but I'm pretty sure that I can see the dirt particles in the air propelling their way towards my face making it smart like hell.   Black snot is further evidence that I'm totally right about this!

And then I can guarantee it.  After a day or two at home I'll get a spot - or maybe two like this time.  It never happens when I confine myself to a rural life. Goodness knows how bad it would be if I lived up there.  I'd probably ended up looking like Fungus the Bogeyman's missus.  So I'm dowsing my face in industrial strength pore cleaner, dabbing myself liberally with antiseptic cream and thinking about how to prevent the problem re-occuring on future trips.  A burka perhaps?


  1. My skin has been more prone to blemishes since we disposed of the car. I'd put that down to being out walking along busy roads, as when I clean my skin on a day that I've been out and about it's very grubby compared to the days that I've stayed home.

  2. I agree with you with first hand knowledge of London! I moved to London three years ago, and it's definitely no good for the skin.

  3. Ah! It's not just my imagination then! x

  4. Absolutely not. And the black snot is horrible!