Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Smallprint

Look who came to live outside Lovelygrey Cottage yesterday!  Yes, it's my handsome new Skoda Citigo Elegance that I hope will cut my motoring costs as well as looking  handsome in a lush green kind of way. I am so pigging chuffed.  He , for my car is a boy, feels way roomier than you would expect for a vehicle of this size and way nippier  than I thought possible with only 74bhp.
There's kit aplenty;  a Garmin system, fog lights, very decent air conditioning, cruise control and heated seats and mirrors. Of course I can't forget those rear parking sensors ordered as an extra. Even though the squint that I was born with was corrected  and I now have a level gaze, I'm still left with dreadful residual 3D vision and depth perception.   Bumps and scrapes whilst parking used to happen on a fairly regular basis but the reversing beeps have stopped all that. Perhaps I need something similar attached to my body as I'm always inadvertently bashing myself.

I was offered something called Gap insurance that, if I were to have an accident, pays out the difference between what I paid for the car and its value.  It seems like a good idea and I might buy some.  Not from Skoda though.  If you're in the market for a car, this insurance doesn't have to be bought from the person who sells you the car. The savings from going it alone seem to be substantial.  The dealership price was £399 compared to the £93 quote that I found with minimal internet searching.  No wonder flogging the policies was one of the sales targets on the whiteboard that I noticed when I was signing my finance paperwork.

Another one of the targets was for the sellling Autoglym lifeshine where protective coatings are added to keep the interior and exterior of the car tiptop and shiny. I went for this to see if it combats the dirt that falls off the body of a grubby, sticky eleven year old and adheres to upholstery.  A little bit of Internet research suggests that I might have been able to have got this cheaper than the £299  paid.  Isn't hindsight great!   There are suggestions too that dealerships don't always apply the stuff properly but I'll be back with a bee in my bonnet if there's a problem. What I am pleased with though is my enormous pack of cleaning products that came as part of the deal.  Sad though this is, it was almost as exciting as gettng the new car itself!


  1. Love the colour, and heated seats sound fabulous!

  2. Your car is a beaut - love the colour - happy to hear you are back to driving!