Friday, 16 May 2014

They're Having A Laugh

I've been given this final part of my sick leave in order to gradually make a return to driving.  I do a lot of it for my job.   Up to three or four hours daily around the back lanes of Devon so that phasing in of activity is very welcome.  The purpose of the extra time off was also so that I have the time to maintain a quite intensive exercise regime as part of my rehab. And now I am mobile I decided that I didn't need to restrict that to Devon.  I've been cooped up for too long, a state of affairs that nearly caused me to go stir crazy.  So I've brought myself up to London for a couple of days where I can walk miles and miles in an interesting urban environment that is way different to my usual rural haunts.  First stop yesterday was the South Bank, one of my favourite places in any city.  There's so much to see and do.  My day ended at Tate Modern. After all there's nothing that a philistine likes more than  a bit of modern art to induce more than a semblance of a chuckle.  I wasn't disappointed.  Here's a bathroom mirror.  But, I'll have you know that this isn't a common or garden one, No, it's 'The Bigger Picture' described as a work of genius where art and reality are one. Really?

I can't be a conplete art pleb because I knew what this one was.  It's 'Blue' by Derek Jarman, a 75 minute film where, you've guessed it, the screen is yep, blue.  Hardly gripping stuff.  Give me Édward Scissorhands' as a preference anyday.
This was the one that clinched the belly aching laugh of the day award. This is 'Square Tubes [Series D] by Charlotte Posenenske purchased, I'll have you know, with funds from the Knapping Fund.  Probably not short change then.  It is definitely not three pieces of air conditioning ducting popped in the gallery by accident as I first thought.  I tried to contain my guffaws as I was fully aware that a lone grey woman doubled up laughing could have looked, well a bit mad.  But then a man passing the work snorted and it set me off. There may have even been some tears!

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