Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Two Little Boys

Yesterday was a bit of an ordeal.  To travel just thirty two miles for appointments totalling forty minutes at two different hospitals took nearly eight hours!  It involved five bus journeys and five walks that were each between ten and thirty minutes long.  All in an area where public transport links are pretty good.  I was shattered but it was all worth it.  For I no longer have to wear a leg brace or use a crutch and can drive again.  I've been given a further three weeks sick leave to continue my intensive exercise regime and build up my motoring mileage.

Those journeys are likely to be my final ones on a bus for a while.  I spent my time on the way to Newton Abbot playing with a little boy in a pushchair.  We started with peek a boo and then a game where we copied each other's action.  He touched his ear when I did and I wrinkled my nose in response to the same gesture from him.  I just wondered how often his mother played the same games with him.  I hope that spending the entire journey playing with her mobile phone instead of engaging with her nipper was not the norm.  And what a contrast to the experience of another littl'un on the way back from Torquay. The two women with him really engaged him.  They hyped him up for much of the journey with the promise of what to come which was...... a plethora of diggers on the bypass that was being built.  The little chap was beside himself with excitement.

This video that I discovered yesterday seems oh so pertinent for what I'm trying to say here.  Perhaps we're all guilty of staring at our electronic devices just a little too much these days.  I know I am.  That message to look away from the screen and engage really is an important one for us all.  There's so much of real life that we could be missing!


  1. I've blogged exactly the same thing...we will get the message out there!

  2. I saw this somewhere else but for sure it is true. I wonder how many people will have hunches on their backs when they are older because of all the stooping over looking at the phones