Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wings Unclipped?

It's six weeks to the day that my world contracted after knee surgery because I'm not allowed to drive. That's limited where I go on a day to day basis to those that I can walk to on crutches or which are easily accessible by  public transport. In practice this means the local post office, Trago Mills where I treat myself to ice cream and flowers and places on the X38 bus route between Plymouth and Exeter. Trips out off the beaten track in friend's cars have been a lovely bonus.  Thanks guys!

I'd like to say that my inner 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm' has remained present at all times. After all, I am a pretty perky person.  Being geographically restricted has, at times, frustrated me.  I look moor-ward from my house and wish that I could just nip up in the car for a little yomp between tors.  Shopping for even essentials requires a bit of forward planning.  I've missed social events too just because they've been untenable to attend. Ho hum!  This state of affairs is good from a professional perspective.  It gives me such a valuable insight into what it's like to live a life that's restricted by disability.  So, I am grateful for personal experience that boosts my ability to be compassionate.

And for goodness sake, things could be a lot worse.  There is regular public transport, shops that I can walk to and beautiful countryside which has been accessible to me.  Walking circuits in these woods just down the road have been a welcome supplement to my physiotherapy exercise and static cycling. But today, I'm hoping that  horizons start to open up for me and that my surgeon will unleash me and give the go ahead to tentatively start driving again.  It will, of course, make a whole heap of difference.  Fingers crossed for me!

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