Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I haven't lusted after anything, from a retail perspective anyway, for a pretty long time now.  A teeny  frisson of that emotion reared its head last week as I was watching Daniel Craig in Skyfall at the campsite cinema last week.  He was running after a baddie and I noticed that he really does have a rather fine bottom.  Then I remembered that he looks like Sid James from the front and the feeling passed!  I need to talk to you guys sometime about famous English men but I'll save that for another day.

The beauty of not hanging around shops, real or online, is that you don't have the opportunity to come across things that you simply 'must have'. There is much more to life than the accumulation of stuff.  The shops on Brittany Ferries ships tempt me though.  There is some lovely stuff, including a range of jewellery from a Spanish company Uno de 50 that tested my powers of keeping my purse away to the limits.

Now chunky is how I like my jewellery.  It seems to suit me.  I'm not a delicate little waif after all.  My hands look like they've evolved for hod carrying rather than fine embroidery.   I love unusual design that's maybe a bit rustic and rough around the edges. This jewellery range is spot on.

What I like to is that the company fills a gap between mass production and bespoke.  As the name suggests, only fifty of each piece is produced so it's unlikely that you're going to see millions of them like you might with those blooming Pandora beads,

This is the piece that originally caught my eye but I resisted. There's a house in Brixham that needs painting on the outside to preserve it from those seaside elements and a holiday in the States to think of.  The other thing that made me hold back on flashing the cash is that the designs are silver plated rather than pure metal.  I wonder how resilient the bracelet and rings would be to everyday bashing about.  After all they are so lovely that they'd get lots of wear. The compromise in materials though bring the prices of the collection down to figures that are really rather reasonable.

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