Wednesday, 4 June 2014

999 for Crows

Photo: David Iliff Licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Sometimes things just don't pan out as expected.  The plan for yesterday evening  involved 'nipping' to Plymouth to collect new glasses from Tesco.  Whilst there I'd buy a disposable camera for Louis' latest school trip.  I'd then 'pop' into the adjacent Lidl for their remarkably cheap washing powder, leaving plenty of time for a leisurely swim at the health club before a prearranged  cuppa with a friend and her daughter. I discovered that 'nipping' on the
northern outskirts of Plymouth is nigh on impossible during rush hour.  The journey took more than half an hour longer than at any other time of day. Still just about enough time for that nice swim though.' I thought optimistically.

The glasses collection went without a hiccup.  Both pairs from one of those 'buy one get one free' deals look cool.   It seems though that a disposable camera is a rare thing in this digital age.  I spent ages trying to hunt one down without success.  At least the Lidl trip would be straightforward.
Would it heck!

As I was going into the store I noticed a raven outside on the pavement.  Now wild birds are supposed to be all perky, flying and hopping around with enough nouse to keep out of the way of humans. This one was sitting miserably in its own poo. As I approached it opened its bowels again. Nice! Rather over optimistically I hoped that it make a miraculous recovery and wouldn't be there when I came out of the shop.  But no, there it sat, looking even more forlorn.

Now I'm not really an out and out animal type of person but I don't like to leave another creature in distress, especially one that is as intelligent as a  member of the crow family. Have a little read on wikipedia and be amazed.  So after a little research  I made a phone call in the hope that I could summons the birdie equivalent of a emergency ambulance to come quickly to the rescue and finally get some pool time.  Alas, this didn't happen.  After an interminable wait the RSPCA  told me that they are a daytime service.  Unless I could coax the patient  into a box and take it to a vet it'd have to take its chances and hopefully someone would make a report in the morning.  Whilst contemplating how I might capture something with such an enormous beak he raven mustered up some strength and scurried under a nearby bush making all chances of an immediate rescue impossible.  At least there it was out of sight of predators and a comfier spot to park its bum on soft ground rather than a hard paving stone.  

So no swim.  On the off chance that someone will read this  today who happens to be passing Lidl at Woolwell today could you check under the big red bush at the left hand end of the store for me? I know its a long shot but stranger things have happened!

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