Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Night of Two Halves

There was me thinking that I was looking quite pretty.  After all I'd be told how good I looked by three of my friends who hadn't seen me since before my operation.  I'd also demonstrated my latest exercise, hopping , to Spiky Kate, a physio who was well impressed with my progress.  "Now, I don't like to be rude but....", said the bloke.  You just know that you're going to be onto a winner when a sentence starts like this. "You'd look far more feminine with long hair".  Cheeky sod!  I'm of the opinion that you don't have to be like Rapunzel to look like a girl.  He's reminded me that a grade 5 is overdue.

That conversation took place in a well dodgy pub in Plymouth where Salty Dog and I ended our evening last night, lured there by another friend with the promise of live music.  Now AC/DC cover versions aren't my bag but I made the best of it with a bit of head banging.  That's an activity where a long locks come in handy.  I'd not done it since my misspent youth and it's not the same with a crop top.

Salty Dog had gotten herself homesick so just popped back from Menorca where she's working in a sailing school.  It was her last night back so before starting on a weekend of frenzied essay writing, I thought that I'd go out for a quiet night out with her and dispense relationship advice. After all I am the world's leading expert!  We decided to go posh and head off to the Royal William Yard.  It's a lovely area of Plymouth that used to supply the whole British Navy with bread, meat and beer but has now had a makeover.  I'd love to have taken some pictures to show you  but am getting to grips with a new phone and it just didn't pan out.

So here's a just a partial photographic record of the sophisticated part of our evening. We sat outside in the sunshine taking selfies and drinking wine. Now if Salty Dog got rid of a bit of that hair.....! Then we got cold and thought that a bit more wine would go down nicely. That's when we headed off to Le Vignoble, a wine lounge.  How that works is that you eat extraordinarily good olives and specially sourced French cheese and wash it down with teeny tasters of vino dispensed from hi-tech cabinets operated with a credit card thingy.  At the end of the visit it's all totted up.  For good quality fare it's really rather reasonable.  Our final stop was the River Cottage Canteen that I'd been meaning to pay a visit to for a long time. The fishy platter, salad, chips and yes, a bit more wine didn't disappoint!


  1. I wonder how he'd feel if you made a personal comment back to him? Bloomin' cheek. I too have short hair which is greying naturally. I don't give a fiddler's flute either

  2. Why do people think that it's okay to make personal remarks to other people? It really annoys me.
    You look radiant on that photo!

  3. Short hair suits you, shows your cheeky face, but I wouldn't suit short hair, it would make me look like a chap, and I aint, I am a chappess.