Sunday, 22 June 2014

Decisions, Decisions

Here's a gnarly one. At the end of last week my letting agent phoned to say that the people living in my Brixham house would be leaving at the end of August and they'd have to find new tenants.  And so a thought popped up and hasn't gone away. 'Should Louis and I bring forward plans and move in  instead?'

Let deal with the plus side first.

  • I think that one of the drivers has been waiting ages for a bunch of repairs on the rental property that I'm in.  If I owned the house that I lived in they'd have been done by now.  Every time I shower the bathroom floods, for instance, and that wouldn't still be happening if I was in control.
  • It would be lovely to crack on and to put a proper stamp on a place again to really make it my own.
  • Mr Metrosexual and Ruff Stu are just around the corner whereas here I have to drive to see friends. Borrowing a cup of sugar will be way easier!
  •  Though there would be a penalty for coming out of my letting agreement early it would save me money over the next few months as my mortgage is way lower than the rent I pay. 
  • Louis would only have one time of big change as the move would coincide with going up to senior school.  He's really keen to get in there and make that attic room his own.
  • And then  that dream of being able to see the sea every day would be realised eight months earlier than planned. That really is the biggie.  But hang on.....

  • ....I love Dartmoor too.  It's on my doorstep where I live and I'd really miss being able to nip up there to swim, walk, think.  I'd miss that view of Haytor with its changing skyline from my house  as well. It's worth keeping at least for another few months.
  • There might be a big penalty for ending my buy to let mortgage early.  If I told the lenders they could let me live there anyway. The other option is keeping shtum.  Dishonesty though isn't my bag. As someone prone to insomnia who's just sussed out sleeping again I don't want to do anything that would disturb that.
  • There'd be extra time enjoying the peace and solitude that I get here rather than the squawking of those bloody gulls.
  • There's rumours that my office base might move to Ivybridge just off the A38.  An easy commute from here but a pig from Brixham.  A little while longer staying put might make things clearer.
  • Perhaps that move at the same time as a change in schooling really might be a step too far for Louis.  It's much easier for him to organise his life with his dad just  around the corner.  He can pop round if he's forgotten something. There'd be no popping if his two homes were  twenty miles away.  He doesn't appreciate the difference that this would make to his life.  It's so easy as it stands and was the reason that I was thinking about delaying the upheaval for even longer. 
  •  It might all be a bit of a rush.  Two months away seems like a long time but it will go in a flash.Then again it's not a totally unrealistic time frame and is do-able.
  • Even though I'd save on rental costs by moving I know I couldn't resist spending money on the house.  Some extra months staying put may actually mean the piggy bank fills more quickly.
Oh I don't know!  I really am sitting on that pretty picket fence but have to decide in the next couple of days.  I'll ponder some more.  After all there may be other things that I've forgotten to put into the equation that will sway things one way or another.  Let's see.


  1. It sounds to me that you already know what the right decision is but are worried about going forward. I personally would move as who knows what your situation will be next year.

  2. Are you talking about changing a buy to let mortgage to a residential one ? there will be a fee - I've done that and it was very expensive.
    Also, don't even think about keeping quiet about it, it's not worth it, someone will snitch on you - you can count on it !
    Don't go back to your sleepless nights !

  3. I would further investigate the implications of changing the mortgage, and any financial penalties that you may incur. It's definitely a difficult one, especially where Louis is concerned, but you can only do what you think is best at the time. I work on that priciple, and it means I avoid regrets and recriminations!
    Oh, and not wanting to try to sway you, but your Brixham house is gorgeous!

  4. Yikes! I didn't know I was the type of person that got snitched on. As I don't indulge in that sort of behaviour myself I reckoned others might not do it to me but then maybe that's not the case. Apparently the majority of lenders are happy for you to move in and continue with a Buy to Let mortgage if you tell them you're going to do it, I'd have to see with mine.

    And I really am still sitting on the fence. Haven't made my mind up either way which is unsettling. Had lovely early morning moorland walk this morning but that could have been substituted for a dip in the cove near the house if I were in Brixham and I'd have been just as happy. Help!!!!! x

  5. I hope that you resolve your dilemma soon - can't you ask the Universe or something?

  6. Hi Toffeeapple. I already have and I've got an answer. That's in the equation as well! x

  7. I wanted to change mortgages once from a buy to let to a residential and the building society wanted £11,000 for doing it, and I was warned not to just go and live there, there would be dire consequences - including a court appearance !
    It doesn't matter what kind of person you are, there are those 'out there' who drop you in it because they don't like it if they think someone has got something that they haven't, or is 'getting away with something' it's just not worth the risk.
    I sold my property by the way, I didn't just happen to have £11,000 in my back pocket !

  8. I would move. Louis will find friends on the bus to school and that would be best from the get go. first day of new school to end of 6th form. that is what I would do. and no moving to worry about next year and upsetting his schedule

    we changed a buy to let and it cost us very little. it was with nation wide. ask the question that cost you nothing.

    good luck