Friday, 13 June 2014

Delving into Design

Oops I nearly forgot!  I'd better feedback my finds from my annual pilgrimage last month to the Design Awards exhibition at the Design Museum.  As someone who has a love of eclectic hotchpotches it's a dream.  I'll show you what I mean.  Here's 'Clever Caps', a genius idea to stop plastic lids going to landfill.  Just add them to your favourite child's toy box instead!

I'd have loved this as a child when I used my doll's house room as a laboratory to mix lotions and potions.  If you think I'm a strange adult you should have met me as a kid!  This is a super duper pretty kit to turn flowers and the like into cosmetics.  It's almost tempted me to start wearing make up again.

My physiotherapist told me that the super duper leg brace that I wore for six weeks after my knee op should be disposed of.  They used to recycle them and send them to the Third World but yep, you've guessed it, there's concerns about hygiene.  Has the world gone mad?  Anyway these splints made from loofahs are far more eco-friendly and I reckon they'd be nice and light and comfy to wear
Lou's going to be learning Spanish in his first year of secondary school and after that he has a choice of French or Mandarin.  Seeing as we head off to France 2-3 times a year I think I know what he should choose to study but he seems keen on learning the lingo of China.  These 'Chineasy' pictorial representations of the characters should help him pick it up.

You see.  I told you it would be a bit of a mix! 

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