Friday, 20 June 2014


Mr Metrosexual has told me he couldn't do the whole share dealing thing as bless him, he's a bit of a worrier and would lose sleep.  Funnily enough, despite my new stockbroking habit and a long term propensity to insomnia, I'm out like a light at the moment and kip through until the birdies start to tweet outside the window. waking me to blog and do a bit of essay writing.  Maybe it's a combination of being mentally active and all that outdoor exercise in the evening that's properly tiring me out.  Last night's 'gym' workout involved a wild swimming hole on the River Dart with whizzing down rapids and swimming against a not insubstantial current coming into the equation.  Bliss!

Anyway, where was I?  Ah yes, an investment update.   Now there are some people who paint a rosier than rosy picture of their lives whatever happens covering up the bad bits with, let's see, some home made decorative throws perhaps.  Well not here.  You can count on me to 'fess up when things go tits up.

Not that they've gone terribly bad I hasten to add.  I've still got a roof over my head and, were I to cash in my shares today I'd get ninety eight per cent of my savings back.  Six of my nine holdings are showing reasonable profit. I've jiggled things around and invested in two other companies that the stockbrokers believe are worth a punt - Rightmove and Greene King, the latter because I like beer!  They're a little bit down on what I paid at the moment but I can accept that.  It always seems to be the way.  I can't quite gauge the time, even with real time share prices, when the market is as its lowest.  Maybe I'll get better at it or just work out that it's just something that I have to accept.

One company though, Xaar who have something to do with printer ink technology,  is a massive forty per cent down.  That's wiped away my profit's portfolio and thrown it into loss.  I could be philosophical about that if I hadn't made a  mistake a couple of weeks ago.  When the share price dropped slightly a couple of weeks ago I invested more, throwing good money after back as the old adage goes.

I'm reasonably confident that it will come good if I just wait around.  After all, don't share prices go up as well as down.  Anyway it's taught this rookie a lesson.  Stick to the rules and don't try to get too clever!

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