Monday, 30 June 2014

Fishy 5:2

Saturday saw me at  the Eastern Eye in Newton Abbot, a rather good Indian restaurant where among other things, I ate half a portion of gorgeously tender lamb shashlik.  Yum! It was the second evening in a row that saw me eating out. Extravagant yes, but those treats got me through a weekend of hard essay writing and I do have a doggy bag of leftovers that'll save me cooking later in the week.  After the meal,   Red Mel and I, glamour pusses that we are, ended up in Asda afterwards.  We thought we needed some beer to take back to Lovelygrey Cottage to oil those conversational wheels and wash down a sticky toffee pudding that I had in the fridge. After all, we hadn't consumed quite enough calories!

Now yellow label shots are normally the preserve of Meanqueen but I just had to show off this find, a wonderful stuffed fish parcel knocked down from three quid to a bargain 10p. It was the only thing left in the reduced to clear chill cabinet. Rude not to have bought it don't you think?   I think that Meanie herself, the mistress of frugality will be proud of me for spotting this one.

Mackerel stuffed with pink stuff, probably beetroot rather than bubble gum based, served on a bed of spring greens, one of my favourite veggies, was just the thing needed for a 5:2 intermittent fasting day.  The diet regime was put on hold post operatively. Taking all the painkillers that I'd been prescribed on a empty stomach would have been a complete no-no. It's been slow to get going again for, after all, I love my tuck. Now though I'm back on track and the final thrust is on to lose a final stone or so rather than piling back on the pounds.  That would be so easy to do if I continued unabated with  piggy two day eating and drinking fests and took no action.  So it's back to the porridge, banana, fish and veg combo of meals that's seen me right so far.  I reckon that Christmas is a realistic target date that will see me svelte and sorted!

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  1. Good luck. That was a true bargain you nabbed there.