Saturday, 14 June 2014

I Love My Skoda....

....and so does a complete stranger that I met at the petrol station.  'Your car is lovely!' she said. 'Such a wonderful colour!'  Well we're a month in Citigo ownership and all is tickety boo.  It's such a relief to be out of the NHS lease scheme and back owning my own car from the Volkswagen-Audi group.. I've just had a bill  for £192  for 'excessive damage' to the shitehawk Fiesta That's the inevitable scratches that it got from motoring around the unavoidable narrow lanes in my rural work patch.  Those high hedgerows have sharp stuff sticking out of them.  And for that broken key that Ford refused to take responsibility for. £200 was the last estimate of the cost of the replacement that I never got round to getting. So,  I reckon then I've come off lightly with that final invoice.  More unbudgeted expense but just a drop in the ocean compared to the extra diesel costs of a car that only achieved an average MPG of around two thirds of  the quoted combined mileage.  It pains an Essex girl to say this as the county of my childhood home was at the heart of the company's operations in the UK but I will never own that make of car again.

My new motor is characterful and cute.  Inside it feels really roomy considering it's tiny.  Is there such a word as Tardisatial?  Its extras are fab.  I'm especially loving the Bluetooth sound system, air conditioning that actually functions properly (another Ford gripe) and the way that the engine cuts out when I stop at lights.  That's got to be saving me money!  Fuel economy is around the same as the Fiesta at the moment but there's a petrol engine as opposed to  diesel so costs are about 6p per litre lower.  Didn't someone mentions that fuel economy improves once a car has 'broken in'?  We'll see.

Just some teeny grumbles.  There isn't a button for the driver to open the passenger side electric window and no large permanent clock on display.  Sure the Garmin entertainment system shows the time but the figures are weeny and my eyesight is shot.  I've also noticed that the window at the back isn't heated which isn't a problem now but could be a bit inconvenient in chillier months*. All in all, 'Leif'', for that's what he's called, is brilliant  and already is the favourite car I've ever owned.  He'll do nicely until I'm wealthy enough to own one of those Teslas!

*PS (a few weeks later than my original post): I've just noticed the stripes on the back window that means that it is heated.  Duh!


  1. And a fab colour to boot to make it easy to spot in the car park. Although I appreciate that this is not the case at night!

  2. I've not seen it at night. It may well be glow in the dark! x

  3. Colours of cars are really boring at the mo. I long for turquoise or purple. We love our Skoda Fabia estate; huge boot for wheelchair, easy to drive, economical, reliable. But it is silver; a bit so-so, IMO. (But we still love it, just in case it reads your blog!) Be warned, though, my DH reckons that certain drivers automatically overtake Skodas because they just CAN'T be doing more than 34 mph even on a motorway.