Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mama and Louis Carrots et al. (2014)

The picture today is random like the masses and masses of stuff that's going around in my head at the moment.  But it's cute as a picture of a vegetable can get  isn't it?  Anyway I haven't got  time to speak to you lot much today.  There's an draft essay to be read and then in about three quarters of an hour it'll be winging its way to Derby University to see if its up to scratch.  The title today is a take on all that Harvard referencing  that must have been invented by a sadist as it's so complicated.  Thank goodness for that makes it a bit easier. Only one more 4,000 epic to knock out before mid July and then I'll be able to play for the rest of the summer. Eek!  What have I let myself in for?

Lovelygrey Cottage is in turmoil. If Mrs Tiggy Winkle could visit  during the day whilst I'm at a conference and use her funny little irons that she heated on the fire on all the clothes lying around in heaps, I'd love her forever.  It's not going to happen though.  And the tadpoles!  There's been a crisis. Somehow Louis, who's as much of a klutz as me, manage to knock a big hole in the side of the enormous glass container that they were in. The poor creatures were rescued but there was pond water over the floor of the bedroom, a pondful really that had to be mopped up with all the towels in the airing cupboard, adding to the Chinese laundry look of the house.  Now all the taddies have sprouted  legs and  are living in a vase that much more compact and bijou and really should be used for those flowers that I love more that little black eyeless amphibians.  There's spinach floating about on the top which they're hanging onto with their gummy little mouths.  We read online that this is what they will eat.  It's me, of course, that's feeding them and not Louis.  Isn't that what always happens with child pet ownership?  I really don't want them to die but am not keen on them jumping around the living room either.  Anyway enough.  I'm a quarter of an early morning cuppa down and rambling.  Let's get onto that academic stuff that isn't nearly as fun or as easy to write.(397 words!)


  1. Yiny froglets are so pretty and interesting, I'm sure Louis will take more of an interest then.