Sunday, 15 June 2014

Recycling Negativity

What Ed Miliband has done in posing with that free copy of the sun is deplorable!  What was he thinking?  It has caused me to reconsider my voting allegiance.   Seriously! After all if the Leader of the Labour Party acts without thinking things through what does it say for his  capacity to make informed judgments when running the country?  I'n a rare fit of pique, I've written to the party and told them as much. There!

And I was pretty miffed with myself  for not anticipating that an unsolicited free copy of the Sun would be delivered to my house. There'd have been a note for the postie telling him not to deliver it if I had. But yesterday, there it was, plopped on my doormat waiting for me when I'd returned home after a lovely night out in Brixham with Mr Metrosexual, Ruff Stu and Red Mel, ruining my feelings of bonhomie . It went straight in the recycling bin only to be rescued twice by Louis for its free England flag.  A tussle and a quick history lesson about Hillsborough ensued.  I didn't even start to go there on the subject of Page 3 and News International's role in phone hacking.  It was a battle I was going to win!

After a grumble on Facebook  I realised that I was not alone.  Loads of other people are peeved too.  Many are sending their copies of the Sun back to FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX,  some in small bits to maximise the costs incurred by the paper.  The idea of winging tiny origami animals to Wapping appealed.  But then I read one of the  Twitter  feed @sendbackthesun which urged people not to do this because of the environmental cost of redelivery.  Hmm, she has a point.  Why is nothing ever straightforward?

The windows in the whole house need a clean.  I've asked the local window cleaner to pay a visit but he's one of the most chilled guys going and seems to only work when his pennies run out.  So I'll have to wait.  Ground floor glass is within reach though so now I'm fit and well enough for heavier chores, I'll do those myself.   I'll use that nasty newspaper to give them a final polish.  It's ideal for that.   My lovely niece approves. 'I think that using it for something useful is  a good idea actually - recycle the negativity'. she posted.  'Recycle the negativity'.  I like that! 


  1. it wasn't only Ed Miliband having a moment of madness, Cameron, Clegg, Farage and Boris Johnson all did it - how could any of them anger the Murdoch press so near to an election?

    Postman delivered them...agreed to by their it's not just politicians letting Murdoch cock his leg over everything

  2. Gigibird beat me to it - I saw pictures of Cameron and Clegg holding it too.Hmmm.... I wonder why the media focus has fallen squarely on Ed Miliband?

  3. Mine went from letter box to recycling bin in seconds - and stayed there.

  4. Well I'd expect it of Cameron....and Clegg well he well and truly.blotted the Liberal Democrats forever at the last election. Might have to be Green Party unless Ai spot Caroline Lucas with hervown personal treasured copy of the Sun! Nothing would surprise me these days! x

  5. Mine is lining the bottom of my rubbish bin!

  6. Mine is lining my compost bin so it should get all mouldy and nasty.