Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Reminder to Self

Since that first exhausting day back a fortnight ago, I've adjusted and again fit working thirty seven and a half hours back into a week that seemed busy enough without it. Those newly acquired exercise and essay writing habits are time consuming and now have to fitted into a squeezed 24 hour time slot. Sadly my crosswords, comping  and creating stuff have all been put on the back burner.  What's more my childcare arrangements have changed as Louis' dad is working away on a contract and I'm trying to get my head around that as well.   It's important that I have some quality time with my son doing fun stuff even though I'm only going to see him on weekdays for the time-being?  After all I've got memories to lay down, an important job for a mum.

Having said all that it's been great to be back at work.  Except for the last two working days that is.  Dealing with more than one emergency at once  and trying to keep up with a mountain of paperwork sucks!  And that's on top of a scheduled workload.  Anyway this post is for me to look back though when times get tough again to remind me why I do the job I do.

  • The people that I work with are so often genuinely appreciative of what I do for them.  Hugs and kind words have been bountiful since I've got back.  That's got to be worth more than an investment banker's bonus hasn't it?
  • Understanding someone's life history is an integral part of my job and helps me to come up with ideas for treatment.  It's often fascinating stuff and a privilege to listen to.
  • I'm always learning and being challenged intellectually even after ten years in the same job. That's very important for someone with such a busy brain.
  • I know, in myself and because people tell me,  that what I do has value and makes a difference.  There are so many people in jobs that they see as rather pointless.
  • Helping people to see how they can increase meaning in their lives through what they do is a really good fit with my own belief system.  Some of what I had to do when I worked in finance was discordant with that.
  • I get paid to drive around what has to be one of the most beautiful corners of England listening to Radio 4 or my music.  Doesn't that constitute a nice day out in the country for some?
  • My colleagues are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.    They're people I enjoy spending a lot of my time with.
  • And in spite of the squeeze on public sector pay and conditions I'm thankful that I earn enough and have sufficient leave to have a pretty good time outside the office as well!


  1. Your work colleagues sound fab. In my last job I was lucky enough to have the same happen. Even post redundancy they are some of my very close friends.

  2. I like my job for many of the same reasons. Get to learn about people's lives and help them and get good feedback on it.