Monday, 23 June 2014

Shameless Recycling

Today I'm going to reuse pictures from the second and third blogposts ever that I wrote way back in March 2010.  Most of you lot won't have not seen them before anyway.  For a long time my only followers were Nana and Mama Lovelygrey.  A depressed man from Australia briefly joined the gang but went away again as he probably found that I had nothing meaningful to say to him!

Anyway the rather cute sock monkey that I made for Lou's 7th serves to illustrate a quote that I've nicked from the lovely eclectic blogger Aril at Wonderings & Wanderings at Gnat Bottomed Towers.   I've got a gnat bottom at the moment by the way as I got bitten on the arse when I was up on the moor on Saturday!  It necessitated an trip out to buy emergency antihistamine cream yesterday.  It's not for nothing that I am known to my friends, amongst other things as The Human Fly Paper.  Anyway Aril published the words from a Polish proverb the other day that spoke to me.  It's a reminder not to get involved with other people's nonsense.



And here's one of the first ever things that I made out of precious metal clay, that wonderfully alchemic material that burns to produce pure silver.  Wow!   Toffeeapple asked me if I'd taken yesterday's nubby problem to the universe.  The answer is a resounding yes!  I've recently started to use this pendulum to dowse with and make predictions.  You can read about how to use one here.   Apparently it's an age old method that midwives would use to forecast the sex of babies.

There's a great big rational part of my brain that's saying  'Whatever are you doing?!!!!!'   But there's so much that seemingly can't be explained by science and logic and I reckoned that now was the  time in my life to tap into that.  I was concerned that  by doing whatever feels okay and not giving a damn anymore,  I was perhaps looking more and more nutty and unhinged.  Then I overheard my manager speaking about me and was surprised at what he said.  'Yes we're glad she's back at work.  She keeps us all grounded.'  Must be doing something right then!

I quite like the idea that the pendulum equips my spirit guide to talk to me. Then again I may just be tapping into my own intuition. Anyway, I hold the chain that my pendulum is on between finger and thumb, ask  'yes' and 'no' questions and it swings backwards and forwards or round in a circle accordingly.   The fact that I'm using this as a force for good and not for personal gain is a given.

More often than not, the predictions are accurate although it's not good at being pinned down on the exact times that events will take place.  Perhaps that's an indication that I need to learn patience.  I have to admit that's not always been one of my strong points.  Anyway I've asked about whether to move and been given an resounding answer that I've thrown into the equation. It's not necessarily the one I was after but if you seek advice you can't always have it your own way!


  1. I thought you might do something like that. I am intrigued about the response you had, but I shan't ask you.

    Good luck.

  2. Good luck. Anything that can help with the decision is mighty useful!