Friday, 27 June 2014

Spoilt for Choice

The prospect of another two weekends cooped up like a hermit, slaving away over a hot essay are filling my head.  Plus there's that knotty question of where to live. A couple more bits and pieces, including a very exciting career related development, have added themselves into the equation making things.... easier?.... more difficult?...oh, I don't know! It's too hard to contemplate.

So I thought that I'd make life easy for myself and pinch a picture that I found on Facebook a month or two back for today's post.  It made me laugh my socks off, or would have done if I was wearing any. Girls, I know that it would be hard to choose between these fine specimens of manhood but if you had to pick just one, who would it be?


  1. None of them...a c string on a chap is much more my thing these days she says wandering off cackling wickedly!

  2. Far too much choice there m'dear!

  3. possibly the one who took the picture ? he may be fully clothed !