Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Biggest Fuel Savings of All

I can't be the only saddo out there who watches the average mpg function on their onboard computer like a hawk can I?  Leif, my glorious Citigo, who, still smells like a new car, surpassed himself on a trip into work the other day, averaging 63mpg for the 13 mile journey.  Now that really isn't at all bad for a petrol engine.

The  risk adverse of you out there will be pleased to know that I gave up my coasting habit.  It was possibly dangerous, undoubtedly a bit naughty and to cap it all, didn't really save very much fuel.  Much of the time I still  consciously eco-drive unless I have one of those moments when I lust after speed.  But hell, they're rare.  I'm a Skoda owner after all and thrift takes precedence over thrills!

The one thing that I have noticed is that fuel consumption goes markedly down when I'm stuck in traffic and having to do that stop-start stuff. Goodness knows what my nerves would be like if I had to cope with a daily commute that involved door to door bottlenecks.  Watching that mpg fall through the floor would be heartbreaking.  It's such a waste of money.  Fortunately rural Devon ain't like that but I have been stuck in a jam or two.  It's made me think about how I might vary my journey time, leaving earlier or later or doing stuff on different days.  Food for thought indeed. 

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  1. It would be no good for me to have one of thoes indicators, I have no idea about gallons and miles, my car is always filled by litres, well, he is foreign...