Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Equation: Too Many Variables

In my younger days I used to like a bit of pure maths and quantum theory. Of course, I can't remember a jot of it now.  It's not like I use Schrodinger's equation every day after all.  I do remember though the incredible emotional response when teachers used to guide us through proofs and divulge the meaning of what was behind all those mysterious symbols.  Wow! With hopes of re-creating that feeling, I thought I could do Louis' maths and physics homework alongside him when he goes to the big school in September so as rebuild my knowledge. But in reality that ain't going to happen. In a busy, busy world there's too much else taking precedence.

For the last week I've been mulling all the things in the equation that have allowed me to solve the following problem. 'Should I stay for now in my quiet peaceful village on the edge Dartmoor and put up with a slowly decaying rental property that the landlords really don't want to invest in but which gives me an everchanging view of Haytor?  Or would moving into the home that I own at Brixham be preferable where the sea, which has been a lifelong love of mine, can tug at my heart and I can make a place my own?  It's not a bad choice to have.  After all there's nothing too unpleasant about either option.

I've pondered over the pros and cons of staying put vs. moving  long and hard over the  last week and even though I've  added a few more things into the equation,  I've quantified one of these. The mortgage company are happy for me to move into my buy to let property with penalty. Judging from  the comments left on my last post there seems to be a lot of variance between the policies of different lenders.  It was best to check.

So what else has been factored in?  Well there's the not insubstantial financial costs of the move in a year I'd planned to squirrel away some money.  Lou also  told me that  he really doesn't want to swap Scout groups.  A transfer would have to be on the cards if we moved and his dad continues to work away, making Thursday evening childcare my long term responsibility. A forty mile round trip for dib-dib-dobbing really is beyond the call of being a pushover parent. 

And then there's the biggie.  My dream job, a university lectureship, was advertised this week. Even though I love what I currently do, I'm going for it, egged on by current and past students that I've supported in their education.   It would take my career in a different direction but still allow me to make a difference for groups of people that I care about, through my research work and mentoring, specifically for those with dementia.   Were I to get it, the commute to and from Brixham wouldn't exactly be a breeze.  I know that I love my car but there are limits to the amount of time that I want to spend in it.

In mathematical terms there's too many unknowns. Most importantly I'm unsure about how easy it's going to be for Louis to settle into senior school.  For a child with specific learning difficulties, planning can be especially difficult.    Adjusting to a move where his homes are twenty miles apart and on top of that having to deal with learning to organise himself so that  he himself, his homework and kit  are consistently in the right place  has the potential to be over challenging. Phasing change so that it is manageable seems sensible and ever so slightly occupational therapy influenced!   And so yesterday morning, with a slightly heavy heart, I told my letting agents to go ahead and find new tenants.  I'll review the situation in May when my buy to let mortgage comes to the end of its discount period.  Things might have fallen into place by then.

And just in case you're wondering. Of course I used my pendulum for guidance.  Annoyingly,  it didn't give me the go ahead I was wanting at the start of this process.  It's always indicated that the move is a no-no!


  1. The Cosmos has spoken. I'm sure things will settle for you soon.

  2. It must feel good to have made a decision. You'll feel at ease now for another year.

  3. I always feel better once a decision has been made. I hope you do too!

  4. This sounds troubling. You can't be Schrodinger's cat and live at two places, right? Anyway, perhaps your agents could hitch up an advantageous deal for you, so that moving won't be as disruptive. If there's anything good that came out of this, it is that you had made your decision, and that you'd be doing what you love. Good luck!
    Juana Adams @ Manage My Property Ltd