Tuesday, 29 July 2014

364 Days Later

On the 29th of July last year I intended to resume my running habit after a few years off.   It was the pain from Morton's neuroma in my feet that put paid to that before I had customised insoles made.  Instead, poor old crock that I was,  I  mis-stepped on the staircase and re-inflamed the damage to my knee that lead to March's cruciate repair operation.  I thought that might be the end of any Speedy Gonzalez like activity for the rest of my life.

Yesterday though was a momentous day.  I decided to take advantage of the relative flatness of the Essex countryside when compared to hilly Devon and try out a bit of a jog.   So, with the blessing of my physiotherapist,  I donned these  lovely Brooks running shoes that I'd bought over a year ago to accommodate the insoles and headed on out.  A little sneaky trot in the quiet back streets near my Mum and Dad's home interspersed with a bit of walking.  Scout's pace I think it's called. Baden-Powell would be well proud.  It felt funny.  After all it's a long time since my body has experienced being propelled along by its own means at anything above walking pace.  Hell, it could hardly move on crutches four months ago!  It didn't hurt either my knees or feet though and that's very good news indeed.  I'll take it slowly for the time-being but am already wondering.  Could a half marathon be on the cards as part of my 50th birthday celebrations next year?


  1. Well done you. J is keeping up with his running. He exercises most nights - either running or football combined with sit ups and weights.I'm hoping to keep up with the increased walking distances, and I'll be getting the stepper out of the attic today.

  2. The couch to 5k in 9 weeks programme by the NHS is a good way to get going again!


  3. That sounds good. Might try! x

  4. I did a half marathon when I was 53. Walked it because my knees won't run.

    It's not as difficult as you think, just build up your time daily and don't make it a chore.