Sunday, 20 July 2014

Chagstock 2014: In Pictures

Howdy partners!  I would have blogged yesterday but there wasn't any reliable internet connection .  Well what do you expect in a field on the edge of Dartmoor?  It is largely Hicksville UK after all around these parts of Devon and not some big fancy connected up city.  Data connection is patchy to say the least. Anyway it isn't such a bad thing to have a break from technology at times. It frees up time to dance, listen to music and drink beer. Here's the first of my pictorial record of  the cowboy themed Chagstock 2014.  That's my son on the shoulders of Bean, Morris Man extraordinaire and  one of Lou's latest grown up mates.   He's a guy with good taste as his other half is Ibiza Queen Vikki, my new partner in crime as both mental health team occupational therapist and dancing diva.

Here's my half hearted attempt to get with it as a cowgirl.  Good job  I had an appropriate shaped sunhat in the van!  You may have guessed that dressing up really isn't my bag.  A line of owls had to do instead of a sheriff's badge.

The sunset on the first evening was rather lush.  I think that's why I took this picture of so many random strangers.

Like every other kid in the country, Lou's into the Loom Band craze.  He made all us girlies in our group a bracelet to set off our natty festival bands. In all honesty I prefer something classier in the jewellery stakes than lacky bands but it's the thought that counts.

Here's Lou again with a hobby horse that he borrowed off some bloke that he'd never met before.  The hat advertising cider was purloined from Bean. Honestly the kid has front.

Wall to wall partying gets a bit much for some people.  Wimps!  Dad wasn't really asleep. We got his permission to post this cute shot.
And we mustn't forget the music for that is what we were here for!  The Hatherleigh Ukelele Band were the biz.  Steve Knightley, one half of Show of Hands didn't disappoint.  And I have a new one for my musical favourites list.   For the second week in a row there's pictures from a front row vantage point The Chagstock bunch are more sedate and I wasn't quite as squished as in the Newt Fest crowd.  This is the amazing Moulettes.  I was blown away by their musicianship and beauty of the compositions.  Check out Songbird that near moved me to tears.

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