Friday, 11 July 2014

Different Tracks

The area around Haytor is definitely my favourite place for a little jaunt at the moment.  As I live on Dartmoor's doorstep it's an easy ten minute drive  from the house.  For the second time in a week, I was up there yesterday evening.  The Scouts were doing a bit of litter picking in the area and it would have been the waste of a good opportunity for a wander if I'd headed back home after dropping Louis off.

This is part of the granite tramway beyond my beloved quarry where I sat for a while on a rock by the . Yep, it looks like a railway from the Flintstones and I reckon it's pretty unique.  It was built to take stone away from the quarries dotted around the area to the nearby canal at Stover.  Romantic as it looks now, it must have been a very harsh environment to work in.

Depression in my adolescence and early teens robbed me of the chance then to achieve my potential.  I was very bright and the world was my oyster.  Yet I nearly failed my first degree and had to build my life over again. Whilst following those stone lines last night it dawned on me how my life could have turned out very differently if that hadn't have happened.  Yes, I might have got a dream job in my early twenties and flown high.  Many of the people that I know from my university days achieved those heady heights.  But would I now be happier?   Somehow I doubt it.


  1. I turned my back on education when I was 16 because I'd met J. My teachers were horrified, because they believed I should go to university. At the time, I didn't. My friends followed that path, and amongst them there are teachers, an anaesthetist, a vet, and a yummy mummy who owns a house in Wimbledon. I returned to education when I was 40. I got my degree, but my physical health suffered. If I'd gone off to university I may not have stayed with J, and I'd have missed out on the best thing in my life.

  2. I would never have had Lou! z

  3. I believe that we choose our paths through life for a reason.