Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Finger Frog

It may not be surprising to others who have tried to raise pond life at home, that the tadpoles that we collected the other day all died.  A hole accidentally got punched in the side of the big glass bowl they were in and mucky pond water cascaded all over the bedroom carpet.  Our guests had to be transferred to emergency quarters,  a flower vase containing tap water. Apparently chlorine does them no good at all. Seemingly perky when I went to bed one evening, I came down to find that they'd turned a nasty beige colour and were floating on their backs. 'Perhaps were just asleep?' suggested Louis hopefully when I broke the news and told him that I'd tipped them out into the garden to be recycled back into the food chain.  Hmm! I don't think so.

We popped back up to Haytor quarry yesterday evening as I fancied a stroll and Louis was keen to annoy some more aquatic life.  I drew the line at bringing anything back to live at Frog Murderer Cottage this time.  Those slim chances of survival in the big wide world are probably better than in our hands.  Anyway we found this little fellow who'd successfully made the transition between tadpole and frog.  How cute is that!

I can't resist showing off another shot of the quarry taken  in the evening light.  We had it to ourselves yesterday.  Whilst sitting on a rock and navel gazing whilst Louis paddled and chased newts, it occurred to me again just how fortunate I am to have such beautiful places on my doorstep.  


  1. It must be wonderful to have such beautiful places nearby, and I think it's great that you appreciate them. I think many people become blinkered to what is on their doorstep.
    Here, we have the beauty ( I think they're beautiful) of old industrial buildings and the buildings and parks paid for by those who used their money for good and put something back into the town.

  2. You do live in great beauty.

    I love little froglets, they are so cute.