Wednesday, 23 July 2014

For My Friends

We freely lend and borrow stuff. We laugh, sometimes until our bellies ache and we are shedding tears. We're permitted to have other interests and people in our lives. We hold each other in sorrow and in glee. Our advice to each other can sometimes seem unpleasant but is given because we care. We keep each others' little lights lit up. We tickle and prod each other's fat bits. We feed each other spiritually, with food lovingly prepared and with the chocolate that is responsible for the blubber in the first place. We save up things to say and share but are not scared of silence in each other's company. We are together for big events in each other's lives but also make everyday happenings less mundane. We recognise and celebrate talents and strengths but also allow each other to be flawed human beings. We sometimes don't see each other for long lengths of time but our friendship still feels the same when we finally meet up again. We tell one another when we've been complete tits and are not afraid to argue or disagree because we know that we will be forgiven. Our time together is more valuable than our dearest possessions. I think you all know that.

PS: This is for my blokey mates as well the girlies. Thought I'd make that clear should the pillow fight picture suggest otherwise!

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