Friday, 18 July 2014

Hippy Outside Happenings

Festivalling again this weekend at Chagstock.  Whoop, whoop, whoop! Listening to music in a field is one of my favourite occupations.  Actually listening to tunes anywhere is pretty much up there as far as I'm concerned. I've been having a little Genesis fest in the car lately.  The band were favourites from years gone by.  Here's a link to Phil and his mates for anyone else who fancies a bit of  soft rock reminiscence.

Jigging about isn't the only thing that I've been doing outside.  In fact at this time of year its my preferred place.   I don't want to be cooped up between four walls if I can help it.  Dr Betty, my friend who is a clinical psychologist is also a wannabe yoga teacher.  She asked if she could come to Lovelygrey Cottage earlier in the week so I could critique a class that she was going to run for her colleagues. Yoga mats, blankies, a very melodic Totnesian windchime and her wonderful hand beaten singing bowl were all transported into the garden. Me and Lou did the poses whilst gazing at the house martens that fly loop the loop round here with the smell of night scented jasmine wafting around.  Lou took it surprisingly seriously and told me off for the wind breaking which is all part of the yoga experience.

And if 1970s music and a bit of hatha isn't enough to bolster the  hippy image that I don't really want, this should do it.  The picture is of my meditation spot last night.  It's a view from a hut in Yarner woods, part of East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.  Taking advantage of the fact that I was probably the only person up there I ensconced myself in a carved wooden armchair and focused on my breath whilst administering a bit of reiki for I have been attuned to do this.  I'm sure all that fresh air renders all that healing activity even more effective!

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