Thursday, 10 July 2014

Key Trick

Please forgive my absence.  Since Sunday I have been beavering away on my essay, sometimes during the wee small hours of morning.  There has been little time for much else - aside the regular day job that is. This must be what some people's regular existence is like.  I'm glad that my own life usually has a bit more balance.

But yay!  the mammoth work is done and dusted. I'll share what I've written about another time. But for now I've had enough of it so I'll share a handy little hint instead.  Have you ever had the problem where the battery is a bit flat in your car keys and they refuse to work.  Or you've wandered away from your motor without locking it and remember when you're a bit too far out of the key's range. That's my usual trick seeing as I'm a dippy mare.

Anyway if you hold the key against your head and then press it, you should find that it works again. Your body acts like a great big aerial amplifying the signal.  Okay, you look a bit of a tit doing it but trust me.  It works!

1 comment:

  1. mine is running out and I am going to try this. I will see if it works!