Thursday, 24 July 2014

Last Day Before the First Day

Today's a biggie for it's Lou's final day at primary school.  Now where did that time go?  One minute I'm dropping a very tiny tot off into reception class for a taster day.  Half of the other kids were crying and clinging to equally upset parents.  Lou told me to go away and not to worry as he'd be fine.   Yesterday I gave a lanky whippersnapper a lift to school and threatened to shout 'Love you Loulou!' out of the window as I drove off if a goodbye kiss wasn't forthcoming. He knows I mean it as I've done it before. So  reluctantly the world's most embarrassing mother was given a quick hug and a  peck on the cheek after he'd checked the coast was clear and not too many people were looking.  As a bonus I was told that I was loved.  I know that already but it's always great to have it confirmed!

Here's Lou earlier in the week at the  wonderful Crab Shack that overlooks the beach at Teignmouth.  We went there after school for celebratory seafood to mark the best school report ever and great SATs results.   For the first time ever my dyslexic child has writing skills that match the national average as well as higher scores in all other assessed areas. He loves to read, has an inquiring mind and is super hot at maths. It's more than I could have asked for. I'm as proud as Punch.  All that bad parenting  has paid dividends. And he's funny as well.  That's counts a lot  in my book.

It's my last day at work too before six days of annual leave.  Usually holidays are spent away from home and this is no exception. We're off to Southend next week to catch up with grandparents and friends.   But tomorrow we have a rare free day in Devon.   Moorland or seaside bound with a picnic perhaps? With only part of my mind on in tray clearance I'll be thinking today of something that's good to do to mark the first day of the last long summer break before the start of senior school.


  1. He will have finished senior school before you know it too! Time seems to pass even more uickly once they start there.
    Well done to Louis on great results.
    Enjoy your week off. x

  2. Congratulations Louis, you are a remarkable young man. Your Ma is rightly proud of you.