Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lovely Southend-on-Mud

Here I am in the town of my childhood visiting Mama and Papa Lovelygrey.  It's so good to be beside the seaside,  just a mile away from Mum and Dad's house.    I'm not a kiss me quick type of girl though. So the Golden Mile of Southend with its arcades and amusement park does not appeal. Instead I head towards Thorpe Bay and Shoeburyness where the landscape is a little more au naturel.  Here's  East Beach, my favourite, where I had a lone walk on a rainy Monday evening.

There's plenty more pristine beach in the military zone at the end of the public one. Surely it wouldn't hurt just to nip through? Hmm perhaps not.  I like to take a bit of risk but even I'm not that reckless.

These modernistic apartments with their big sky estuary views are way nicer than they look in this gloomy picture.  If money were no object and I could have a pad near my parents I think I'd buy one.  I contemplated hanging about outside and seeing if I could use my allure to capture a lonely investment banker.  But then I remembered that nothing good comes of gold digging!

Over to my friend  Calamity Jane yesterday for an evening of eating, drinking and giggling.  Her son has been messing with her ornamentation and she's not tall enough to pop those letters back in the right order!  

Gerard Butler got killed off  during our cinema trip yesterday in his role as Stoick the Vast in  'How to Train Your Dragon 2'. Boo hoo! Surprisingly good for a kiddie film, especially one with a number at the end of its name. That lump of yellow gunk at the bottom of the picture is my lemon ice. I'll never make it as a food photographer.  If you look carefully  there's more of it down my T-shirt.   Also big lump under eye is bite as I got bitten to death by gnats in spite of copious citronella candles.  Those little buggers seemed to have evolved to like the smell. And there's supposed to be way more of Lou in shot!  Truly bad stripy selfie that was best of rotten bunch  to commemorate post movie feast of legendary Rossi Ice Cream,  a Southend yummy staple.  I blame it on new phone's camera.
After sitting in a dark room watching animated Viking an evening stroll was on the cards.  Mama Lovelygrey and I promenaded along the seafront at Thorpe Bay.  That thing on the horizon is a mulberry harbour near the wreck of SS Richard Montgomery, a wrecked warship full of explosives.  If that thing ever blows it will take the town with it.  Good job it's carefully monitored and with my klutzy tendencies I'm not allowed anywhere near it.  Can't even keep ice cream in its cone and off clothes after all.

In the far distance you might be able to spot my beloved pier, the setting for so many good memories over the years.  An early morning stroll with a  train trip back is scheduled before the daytripping hordes arrive. There was a time where I wasn't partial to my hometown but it's grown on me.  I hope you can see why!


  1. Lovely photos- brought back happy memories of family holidays along that stretch of coastline! The ice looks nice. summer blessings xx

  2. I wish I had grown up at the seaside. All I had was mountains and slag-heaps.