Friday, 25 July 2014

Praying and

Even though I view myself as an agnostic, I'm a really bad one.  I chat on a daily basis to the guardian angel that I believe looks out for me. Every so often, there's a conversation with the Big Guy too.  It's not looking good in the neutrality stakes.

Yesterday evening I had seriously bad news.  One of my closest friends, who is 49, the same age as me and who has a twelve year old son, had a massive stroke. whilst on holiday in Cornwall. His wife, who also counts as one of my nearest and dearest, phoned me in tears with the news. My offer to drive down and support her was declined. She says that more people bedside at the hospital will serve no purpose.  I've reluctantly agreed. But I'm manning my phone day and night and will cancel my plans at the drop of a hat if she changes her mind and needs me there.

With a sense of helplessness I'm talking to that God who may or may not exist, using a personalised version of this prayer which seems to fit my belief system nicely.  There seems no harm in such a serious situation to hedge bets.

God, I don’t know if you exist.  And if you do, I have no idea whether you know what I’m thinking or saying, or if you care one whit about anything I need or want, or care about my friends, relatives, or any of these folk here.  But if you do exist, and if you do know what I am thinking and saying, and you care about what people need and want, please give us whatever favors you are willing to give us.  If you make it clear to me that it was you who did it, I promise to be grateful.

The paramedics reached my friend within the window where there is greater likelihood of a good recovery  even without the power of prayer.  It seems timely to share the F.A.S.T.  (Face, Arms, Speech, Time)  campaign video.  Doing so might mean that other people out there have a greater chance of resuming normal family life after stroke if their symptoms are acted upon quickly enough. It's the only practical thing I can think of doing at  the current time.


  1. Best wishes to your friend. Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. Thanks for posting up the reminder for everyone. I hope your friend makes a sound recovery. In a practical sense could you leave a meal for your friend or do some shopping so that's one less thing she has to think about?

  3. Sending all positive thoughts. xx

  4. My fingers are firmly crossed!