Wednesday, 16 July 2014


You have to be on the ball as a parent.  Take your eye off the kiddie action for one second and there's bound to be trouble.

Lou has been wearing socks to bed.  They're similar to these ones from Asda. Goodness knows why as we've been having a near heatwave but I accepted the state of affairs as an oddity of an eleven year old boy.  After all, they have a lot.  Last night though it dawned on me that the flash of the orange on the toe was familiar.  A bit too familiar.  In coming back from the beach yesterday evening I'd also caught a really noxious feety whiff when he'd taken his shoes off in the car.  It was quiz time.

'Did you change your socks today?' I asked.  After much probing and prompting the heady truth came out.  Ignoring loud remonstrations the offending articles were wrestled off his feet.  In doing so I thwarted  a World Record attempt for continuous sock wearing.  He'd had the same ones on for two weeks!  No wonder the washing basket has been light.


  1. I laughed at this as I have the same problem with my 11 year old boy. He just puts on whatever socks come to hand first regardless of whether they are clean or smelly or matching. He's off to a soft play for his Year 6 leavers party so I've made him promise he will wash his feet and put on fresh socks for the occasion :-)

  2. Then they become obsessively house reeks of Lynx or Stinkx as we call it here at GBT and to think that I had trouble getting him to use deoderant not so many years ago!