Monday, 14 July 2014

That's Ade That Is!

Drinking beer from a selection of 100, cooking up mini feasts in the motorhome and  listening to great music with lovely family members is up there in the ways that I like to spend a weekend. Oh and dancing as well.  Do you know that I never used to do that?  But in my middle aged years I've discovered that I like a bit of an outrageously flamboyant  boogie.   At least it counters some of the calories from the ale.  There was lots of laughter too.  The sight of men dressed as bananas coming out of the urinals really tickled me but then I've never had a particularly sophisticated sense of humour.

Anyway this is the picture that I took of Ade Edmondson on Saturday night at the Newt Festival in Somerset.  Yes, Vyvyan from the Young Ones now heads up the folk-punk band The Bad Shepherds who play an amazing array of weird instruments including one I'd never seen before.  I found out afterwards that the strange bagpipe type thingy that didn't have a mouthpiece or a bag was a set of  Uileann  pipes.  Very pretty sounding and nothing like the bagpipes at all when you come to think of it.

The photo is  blurry because it was well dark in there and also in the middle of the front row right up next to the stage I was getting well squished.  It was taking all my guile to survive the crush so my mind wasn't completely on getting a David Bailey-esque sharp shot.  I'll be back front stage next year without a doubt.  It was a great little festival!


  1. I've seen them on Youtude and they're excellent. I also love a band called Show of Hands, have you seen them? It sounds like you had a great weekend :)

    1. Yes Show of Hands are,up there too! x