Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Wet, Dry Run

It  tipped down torrentially in Brittany all bloody day yesterday.   The track between our pitch and those opposite has become a rivulet veritable as you can see.  Ooh la la!  I feel a bit sorry for the tent dwellers.

It's not supposed to do this of course. When you imagine a holiday the sun shines all the time - unless you go to the Lake District, Cornwall or Wales that is.  You're a glutton for punishment if you do and only have yourself to blame.

I viewed the day as a try out of what it would be like holed up in a motorhome with a prepubescent son if I was living in it as my main home.    Lou is changing after all.  I seems that I am even more embarrassing than on the last holiday and  under no circumstances can I  dance anywhere near him.  There also seems to be some love feud thing  going on between him and a young geezer called Archie over a ten year old blonde!

It's a worst case scenario as we will have the car  at home to escape to some warm pub or coffee shop haven - if it's okay to be seen with me of course.  But what do you know? The experiment worked really rather well indeed.  Lou read his latest Rick Riordan book voraciously and gamed a bit on his phone.   No doubt my scant knowledge of Greek mythology will be tested sometime soon.  I read, cut lino to set the limits of what crafts are possible in the van, blogged ahead and schemed and dreamed about the new life I'm planning for us. We marked our territory at different ends of the van, no urine involved I hasten to add. And there's enough space for us to harbour no homicidal thoughts  towards each other Hurrah! Something tells me this could be a goer!


  1. Sorry to hear that you got the rain too…it is still raining here after tipping down all yesterday. Off to the local river soon to see if there is a decent flood! Luckily if it floods it doesnt get into any houses in this area, just the fields, and the ford can be quite exciting when in full spate. When my youngest son was in his early teens and had to come shopping with me ( for his clothes) he would always walk several yards behind!

  2. Even the nicest children fall prey to their hormones occasionally! If it makes you feel a little better, it tipped down in the UK yesterday and felt like October...but it was August Bank Holiday, so what should we expect?!

  3. Will you get a dehumidifier when you move into your caravan so combat the damp in the winter? Just being nosey!

  4. No dehumidifier needed Aril. Will open windows often and probably keep wet coats/boots etc outside under awning. I've stayed in van for week at a time under wet winter conditions and its fine. x