Saturday, 2 August 2014

Another One Bites the Dust on the Ilminster By-Pass

Photo: Wikipedia 
Yesterday wasn't the best day ever. After saying our goodbyes to Mama and Papa Lovelygrey, Louis and I were bundled into the car with a welcome bag of allotment veg that I stowed behind the driver's seat.The first part of our Devon bound journey from Essex  went tickety boo. Even the M25 was pretty clear and my average mile count was over 60mpg and creeping further upwards.

Then boof!  Suddenly, somewhere near the evocatively named but rather uninviting Solstice Business Park  I had to break hard to prevent us rear ending a Mini. Lou whinged a bit about whiplash whilst I contended with a footwell full of home grown cherry tomatoes!

In spite of never having come across any of those annoying Facebook quizzes, Mr Metrosexual believes that if I were a city I would be Rio!  My propensity to improvise a party in the direst of circumstances has no bounds.  But even my bonhommie was sorely stretched two and a half hours of stop-start traffic later as  I pulled up outside Burger King somewhere near Yeovil.  'I'm so hungry I could eat celery'  Lou said. I myself was ravenous enough to contemplate dirty fast food as the cherry tomatoes that I'd bent down to intermittently rescue from being squished as I accelerated  and braked were insubstantial and anyway, long gone.

Now there was the Ilminster bypass to contemplate, a stretch of road that is prone to dire bottlenecks. I was determined to lift our spirits. There's nothing quite like a cheesy mother and son singalong to Queen anthems and it must have woven its special 'Kind of Magic'. The traverse through the three lane highway from hell wasn't nearly as bad as expected. Door to door our journey was nearly seven hours though.  I can do it in four and a half on a good day.  My petrol consumption suffered too.  A miserable 54mpg was enough to make a fuel economy nerd weep.

Because I am an unrealistic optimistic I expect every day that I take as annual leave to be right peachy. This one wasn't and was made worse by the fact that I had to pack for Scout Camp when I got home. Because of shared parenting I'm used to not having Lou around all the time.  Normally  we at least  talk daily. As a big strong woman I'll reluctantly admit that the annual dib-dib-dobbing trip away is hard to bear as no phone contact is allowed. That played heavy on my mind during the chore.

So today from waking I'll take heed from the words of Leonard Cohen. He needs some attention as I've been neglecting him for a younger model recently.   These are from 'Anthem' the same wise song that features at the top of my blog.

The birds they sang at the break of day
Start again I heard them say.
Don't dwell on what has passed away
Or what is yet to be.

A good reminder that a mindful approach with a focus on the present can get me through pretty much anything.   Cheers Leonard! You still hit the spot!


  1. Leonard Cohen has to be my all time favourite singer/songwriter.

  2. Yay for Mr. Cohen - and Queen!

  3. I am still pondering on the footwell full of cherry tomatoes. Did you get home with your feet bathed in ketchup?

  4. Avoided ketchup Angela. Luckily didn't tread on any! x