Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Are You Out There Angels?

I had a lovely long phone call with my brother last night. He's just back from a wonderful and much needed holiday in Barcelona.  I thought he'd like it there.  Hearing about his trip reminded me that I really need to go back  and make it inside the Sagrada Familia this time.  There's still a fair bit of annual leave that's unaccounted for before March so I might even get there before the end of this financial year.

In return, I recounted my exploits over the last few weeks and plans for the rest of the year. Among other things, there's the French holiday, a Cornish bluegrass festival in September, a workshop in October and Passenger in concert in November.

'Whoah, let's go back to the workshop, Sis.  What's that about?'

'Oh just one about angel healing'.  I tried to reply at the speed of a racing commentator so he couldn't  quite catch what I heard. But he caught it alright and  I wasn't surprised at the unbridled guffaws heard from the other end of the line.   I couldn't help giggling myself. We are after all both down to earth geezers at heart brought up in no nonsense Essex. Yep, I've  told him about the dowsing pendulum already and that got a similar reaction.

'Why are you delving into all this stuff ?' was the question when the laughter subsided sufficiently to allow him to speak.

'Because I'm single and I can do what I like now.' I replied.  Mr X, a very logical engineer, would  have been unlikely to have coped with such goings on.  'And why are you taking the piss?'

'Because I'm your brother' was the quick response  'And it's expected of me!'.  Fair dues.

Now there's  big  parts of  my brain that are built on science and logic but the spaces in between are filled with the fantastical and creative.   I do believe that I'm protected. After all, how anyone quite as accident prone as me has survived this long  is more than a minor miracle.  So I'm exploring the idea that angels might be able to help me  in other ways and help guide my lives towards a higher purpose. Healing perhaps?  It's something that I do in my job anyway and perhaps a bit of divine intervention might enhance more conventional practice.    And yes, the rational side of myself is telling me that this might be crazy nonsense but the spiritual being in me wants to believe.  Heck, my friends see me as  a bit mad anyway so a touch more wackiness shouldn't do any more harm.  And if I'm right the benefits could be huge.  Of course, I'll let you all know the outcome.


  1. I'm married to a scientific engineer by trade. His line is that just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's magic. However, I'm a Druid and he's always been very respectful of my views.