Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bears, Blueberries and Brittany

The holiday season is here for us all.   In three days Lou and I head for a Breton fortnight and I think I've got it sussed.  Call me nerdy, but my favourite Breton folk band, Dremmwel, who sometimes wake me up on Brittany Ferries L'Amorique, are playing at the Concarneau Festival des Filets. on Sunday for free!  It would be rude not to head down there.  That's going to be followed by a night or two at my favourite motorhome aire, a meander across to Benodet and then seven nights on a campsite called Le Plage that's just fifty metres from the nearest endless sandy beach where I'll swim, read and walk.  Louis will no doubt make a gang of friends and I won't see him unless he wants money or ice cream.  I reckon it will suit us both nicely.

My old friend, another Julie, posted this picture of her and her husband John on Facebook yesterday.   It's a lovely reminder of another holiday way back in 2000 walking eight days around the  Wonderland Trail that circles Mount Rainer in the Washington state of the US. My dear departed friend, Lori  was with us too. Those memories that it invokes are exciting ones . 'Is that the spot that we saw the bear?' I asked her.  It was indeed.  Not only did we spot the fella, the only one I've ever seen in the wild, walking in the distance but there were pawprints in the earth right by our tent and large squishy purple turds by the nearby blueberry bushes.   Someone had eaten too much fruit!  I idly wondered as I filled my nalgene bottle with the  big fat berries that made a welcome supplement to our dried food breakfast whether that same bear had picked of each delicious morsel carefully with his paw or just ravaged the whole bush.  I also was a bit concerned that he might sneak back whilst I was foraging!

A trip Stateside is planned in 2015.  'Do you think Louis is up for walking part of the Wonderland Trail?' Julie asked.  Wilderness hiking is long overdue and its one of my favourite pastimes ever!  I'll have to try to persuade him!


  1. We spent 4 years worth of holidays in Brittany when my boys were young, those names you quote bring back memories. We did 2 weeks at a time, at 2 different Eurocamp sites each year. The only one inland was " Saumur", which was a nice change…visiting the mushroom caves along the valley was wonderful to get out of the heat! We used to travel on Brittany ferries overnight from Portsmouth to St Malo and then have a breakfast picnic after disembarking. Have a wonderful time.