Sunday, 17 August 2014

Best View In France - Not!

Bonjour mes amis.  We arrived yesterday evening in the country that I view as my second home.  Yes France, All of your beautiful beaches, mountains and cities are mine all mine.   I shall take my pick of where to stay by your stunning Breton coastline for the next fortnight. One day I might choose one place with an idyllic cottage to settle for longer but for the moment you're my favourite place to satisfy my deeply ingrained wanderlust.

This was the view from the motorhome  window last night.  Don't worry that my journey seaward has been curtailed.   I chose to stay here. Really!

E Leclerc at St Pol, a branch of my favourite French supermarket chain, is just ten minutes from the ferry port which was dark on our arrival. Camping on its doorstep in the free quiet motorhome aire adjacent means as soon as it opens we can stock up on goodies francais before moving down to more scenic stops.  Folk music at Concarneau beckons after lunching on the cheese from our early morning supermarket sweep.

 Lots of the supermarkets around these parts provide parking for us camping caristes.  They recognise that we bring in business.   Goodness knows what would happen if I camped up outside a Sainsbury's branch in the UK but I'll hazard a pretty good guess.  The relaxed laws on where I can stop and stay in my behemoth is one of the reasons why I love this land so much.

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  1. I love st pol de Leon, it has a beautiful port, and beach, the cathedral is stunning - we always stop there on our way home. I have serious french envy xxxx