Monday, 18 August 2014

Free Five A Day

Look at this marvellous selection of veg. They're of a kind and quality that would have tempted me to have made an impulse purchase if I'd come across them in a shop.   I'm especially a sucker when it comes to multi - coloured tomatoes.  What was especially good about this lot was it didn't cost a penny.

Don't worry. I haven't taken to robbing allotments although according to Mama Lovelygrey who has one, some people do.  No, this lot was given to me by kind ladies from the Prince de Bretagne veg company.  They were doing a promotion on the ferry. It  would have been thrown away if I and a bunch of hungry scavengers didn't take them. What sacrilege! Romanescu and Chorizo cheese anyone? I've always thought those pointy bits look like one of Madonna's bras.

Now here's mystery veg. It's not often one stumps me. I'm quite good at food quizzes.  Someone on Facebook said it was salsify.  Cheers for that Roz but I'm not sure. I think I had that in my Riverford box once and it was smaller. This is mooli sized. And no it's not a mummified condom or the rear end of a dachsund as Helen and Alison thought.  This is definitely edible and not in a strawberry flavoured rubber Johnny kind of way.   Further suggestions gratefully received, sensible and otherwise.  Oh and what to do with it in a van equipped with two rings and a barbecue.  Our cooking methods are limited by this.


  1. Is it a very long beetroot? I have no idea really!

  2. It's brown and slightly ridged. Yikes! x

  3. Hallo there, I live in France and it looks very much like "radis noir" - which is horseradish. If you grate it and eat it raw I'm pretty sure you will be able to tell. Good luck. Anna