Thursday, 21 August 2014

Imagining Fish

After pooh - poohing my idea that angels provide guidance in my life, my little bro' came up with a corker.  He told me how he had used creative visualisation to connect with a higher being to find him someone to marry. And now he's engaged.  'Isn't that exactly the same as asking your angel?' I asked.  He refused to have it.

Anyway, I chose yet again to ignore my 2014 spending rules and bought the book that he recommended.  'Creative Visualisation' by Shakti Gawain is an absolute corker so I'm well chuffed that I broke my own self imposed laws.  It's full of wisdom that no doubt I'll dip into as mood takes me.  The basic technique is simple though.  Get into a state of deep relaxation, imagine what you want in life and afterwards say to yourself:

This or something better
Now manifests for me
In totally satisfying and harmonious ways
For the highest good of all concerned.

The bit I like is the 'something better' part. It acknowledges that sometimes what we wish for ourselves can be limiting.

The book encourages trialling the method by asking for small things first. So no ideal house or husband to start with then.  Or even a combination of the two.  Some stay at home bloke welcoming me with stew and dumplings after a hard days work on winter evenings.   Now there's an image I could go with.  But as advised I stuck to a simple request.

Amongst the bike bits and school sports gear that we bought on our pilgrimage to Decathlon, the outdoor superstore we threw in a fishing set for Louis.  The instructions perplexed us and we only ended up knotting a whole load of line and stabbing ourselves a good few times with the hooks..So I visualised Louis meeting a kindly grandpa figure to show him the ropes.  What do you know! As I swam in the sea watching Louis rig up his rod, the very bloke showed up. Now Louis can cast expertly.  This leads on nicely to my next visualisation trick.  How about a tasty sea bass? 

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  1. What a lovely visualisation! Like you, I love the 'something better' and the 'highest good of all concerned'. Thank brightened my day!