Thursday, 14 August 2014

Itchy Feet

Even though an imminent move to my Brixham house is not in the pipeline my feet are feeling pretty tickly. The landlords refuse to carry out an essential repair. My leaning bath means that every time I shower there's a small flood on a carpeted floor to clear up.  Goodness knows what's happening to the floorboards underneath.  So alarm bells have started to ring in case something bigger goes wrong in a house that's in dire need of having a bit of money spent on it.  What if the ageing boiler broke down and needed replacing during the cold winter months? Would there be an unacceptable and chilly delay then?  It's not a good thought.

That old chestnut of an idea of a temporary move into the motorhome is rearing its pretty little head again.  But whether that's feasible with an eleven year old in tow might be debatable.  So another rental property could be on the cards. I'll bide my time to find the right one.  Maybe a bit of that variably successful cosmic ordering could come into play?  Let's give it a go!   Dear Universe, I need a house that's pretty similar in layout to the one that I'm in but in a better state of repair and cosier in winter because it is better insulated.  It must be in a quiet spot, have parking for my motorhome and somewhere sunny for me to sit.  Location is a factor too.  Close proximity to the A38 or A380 for easy access to everywhere else would be good.  Maybe this is the time to think about a move away from the village where I currently live. After all, however convenient from a childcare perspective, it might not always be a good thing to live in the pocket of an ex forever.  Ten to fifteen minutes driving distance may be healthy for us both.  Let's see how that pans out!

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  1. That's why we moved to liskeard. Although we've never rented, we couldn't afford any thing decent in Plymouth.Liskeard also isn't my first choice but it's where we can afford.