Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little Bricks

Photo: Foolishlego
Artists eh!  Where do they get  their ideas from?  'Jake and the Cucumber' gives me hope that some of the things that go on in my own head are pretty rational after all.

For the fourth day in a row I've got up insanely early.  When I finally get back to my usual routine of crawling downstairs at 6:30 for the first big cuppa of the day, it will seem like I've had a lie-in.

I promised Lou that he could go to Legoland if he passed his eleven plus and frankly I've been dreading taking him since the letter saying that he'd been successful came through the door last autumn. Perhaps it's the imagined themed area the size of a planet where adults  get  to tread on more bricks than they do at home that is putting me off.  Anyway, when his holiday club said that they were arranging a trip and was anyone interested, I nearly snapped their hand off.  Even though it involved catching a coach from Exeter Services at 5:30  with an 8:30 pick up this evening it's worth it.    I managed to keep it secret from Lou until yesterday when one of his mates blabbed. Even though he wanted where he was going kept secret he asked for a clue. Today's blog title was the one that kept him pondering.

Rather than marvelling at a plasticky shrine to merchandise together, the fact that the excursion is in someone elses hands  leaves me time for the more traditional outdoor based pursuits that I've envisaged sharing with my son since he was a babe in arms. Give me swimming or mucking about in the woods in preference anyday. He'll enjoy himself more with a group of small boys who are similarly enamoured with construction sets anyway. You may gather I'm a bit grumpy.  It will pass once I get a  night's kip of normal duration!

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  1. That would be my worst nightmare too - I hate Lego witha vengeance!

    I hope you get some sleep, have you tried Chamomile tea? It might help.