Friday, 15 August 2014

Little Wren

Little Wren, one of my younger friends who's only in her twenties, has been jilted.  Silly boy for he wouldn't know beauty, intelligence and general all round loveliness if it gave him a big bop on the nose.  Her passing shot across the bows was ' Karma will come and bite you on the arse!' That line made me giggle a lot.  I may well plagiarise it at some time if I can find a use.

In spite of Little Wren's feisty show of wit she's hurting and feeling pretty sorry for herself.  So, I've found a place for her under my wing. She stayed over the other night for food, a bit too much wine and carefully selected music that veered away from the theme of love, including the very rude 'Dear Penis' song recently shared at Gnat Bottomed Towers.  Thank you Aril very much for that one.  As someone who's supposedly older and wiser, of course I couldn't help doling out helpful relationship advice.

The idea that a forty something single mum, who's fast approaching divorcee status, is well qualified in this department is, of course, slightly ludicrous.  I'm not exactly a role model.  But I might just have something useful to say for after all you live and learn.  What I know is that focusing on making the lives of you and your kids as happy and fulfilling as possible is time well spent.  That means building up a close circle of people for mutual love, laughter and support,  sticking fast to deep seated values and beliefs, noticing the little things that bring joy to each and every day and doing whatever brings happiness and meaning.  Once you've sussed this you've have something  very precious indeed that you'll want to preserve at all costs.  Someone will recognise that and not want to wreck what you've built but want enhance all lives concerned a lot more. Until then take no prisoners and don't accept second best.    I'm an optimist and truly believe that  Karma will indeed bite me on the arse one day.  It'll be in a good way.

Just one more word Little Wren. I know fate comes into the equation but for the moment nothing good will come about from hanging around on Tinder.  Ignore what the blurb says.  Real life is way better!

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